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The App Security Project is dedicated to protecting and enhancing consumer security and safety with mobile apps and software that have come to define today’s innovative, but ultimately vulnerable, digital ecosystem.

Are you concerned about the security of your mobile device?

We educate policy makers at all levels of government, users, decision makers, and other stakeholders on how app software works and the importance of strong security and privacy protections for users. Government must promote innovation rather than weaken security standards that could ultimately end up hurting consumers.

About Us

The Taxpayers Protection Alliance Foundation (TPAF) launched the App Security Project as an initiative dedicated to educating consumers and taxpayers about the government’s role in regulating the many connected devices that millions of Americans depend on every day. You don’t need to be an industry leader or an experienced software veteran to have concerns that government could weaken security on these devices. Every smartphone user can and should care about these issues. And you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to understand them.

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Our mission is to inform the public and private sectors about the risks to user security posed by misguided proposals, and instead advocate for those that promote cooperation and continual improvement to protect consumers.

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