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Microsoft Requires Chinese-Based Workers To Use iPhones

‘But Third-Party Verification Services Are Secure,’ They Said.

OMB Report Finds Rise in Federally Targeted Cybercrime in Fiscal Year 2023

Senators Lee and Klobuchar’s Misguided Push for Right to Repair Regulation Throws America’s Cybersecurity Under the Bus

Identity Theft Helped North Koreans Get Jobs at American Companies

App Stores Are Protecting Consumers

New Report Emphasizes Cybersecurity’s Continued Importance

CFPB Report on Video Games Highlights Need for Strong Cybersecurity

App Security Project Reacts to Outabox Hack

The EU’s Digital Markets Act ― Sacrificing Security Controls for Government Authority

As the Economy Turns Digital, Policy Makers Must Prioritize Cybersecurity

How App Store Bills Would Undermine a TikTok Ban

How the DMA Will Hurt Consumer Choice

Oregon’s Right to Repair Bill Could Inadvertently Fuel Parts Black Markets

European Security Expert Calls Out Digital Markets Act

AI is Becoming Increasingly Important to Cybersecurity

Europe’s Anti-Cybersecurity Blunder

Latest SEC Hack Reminds Lawmakers Why Strong Cybersecurity Shouldn’t be Ignored

Washington’s Cybersecurity Disconnect

U.S. Service Members’ Personal Data Readily Available on the Cheap, Report Says

Google Cloud Report Demonstrates Why We Need Secure Devices

2023 Cybersecurity Tricks and Treats

The SHOP SAFE ACT Makes an Ignominious Return

Tech Companies With Shady Data Practices Are Supporting Anti-Privacy Legislation

MGM Hack Is Stark Reminder Not to Gamble With Cybersecurity

“Back to School” Should Also Mean “Back to Cybersecurity”

REPORT: House Will Reintroduce Bill to Blow Up App Stores’ Security Features

Congressional Coalition Seeks Answers on American Efforts to Combat CCP’s Cybercrimes

Anti-Privacy Antitrust Returns to Congress

Millions of Sensitive American Records Emailed to Mali, Not the Military

Massachusetts is Threatening Drivers’ Security, Feds Say

Governments and Large Corporations Are Highly Susceptible to Data Breaches, Russians Hackers Prove

Apple’s Security Innovations Should Give Overzealous Politicians Pause

China Hacks U.S. Infrastructure Shows Why Lawmakers Should Better Protect Americans’ Data

DNI’s Annual Threat Assessment Emphasizes the Need for Secure Devices

Third Party Repair Exposes Women to Unique Data Privacy and Safety Threats

Louisiana’s Bill To Protect Kids Online Will Do More Harm Than Good

‘Right to Repair’ Laws Will Break Innovation and Security

App Store Antitrust: A Cybersecurity Threat Greater than Surveillance Balloons

Chinese Surveillance Balloon Reminds Biden Admin the Importance of Cybersecurity

TPAF’s App Security Project Responds to NTIA’s Latest App Competition Report

Real Antitrust Cybersecurity Concerns Remain

TPAF’s App Security Project Hosts Virtual Event: The Tricks and Treats of Cybersecurity

Lawmakers Fall Short Of Cybersecurity Awareness Month Promise

TPAF’s App Security Project Celebrates Cyber Security Awareness Month

Federal Cybersecurity Agency Contradicts Antitrust Push

Antitrust Bill a Threat to Consumers’ Security and Paychecks

Former National Security Officials Raise Red Flags on Tech Proposals

TPAF App Security Project Announces Billboard Campaign to Highlight Cybersecurity Concerns

EU Antitrust Charges a Sign of Dangers Ahead

European Assault on American Tech Risks Cybersecurity Catastrophe

Op-Ed: Hill Antitrust Push Threatens Cybersecurity Improvements

Antitrust Bills Empower America’s Adversaries Online

Ukraine Invasion Brings Hypothetical Security Issues with Tech Bills Close to Reality

TPA Led Coalition Opposes the Open App Markets Act

Op-Ed: The American Innovation and Choice Online Act is a Bad Idea in Almost Every Way

Op-Ed: Big government’s tech war on the little guy

Taxpayers Protection Alliance Foundation on American Innovation And Choice Online Act Markup


Townhall: Labor Shortage and Antitrust Bills are Recipe for Cybersecurity Disaster

The Consequences of Following Europe on Tech is a Tech Sector of No Consequence

Panel Discussion: Competition & Security in the App Economy

RealClearMarkets: App Store Legislation Is a Dangerous Cybersecurity Trick, Not a Competition Treat

The Center Square: Op-Ed: Republicans antitrust crusade opens door to Chinese and Russian hacking

House Antitrust Package is Anti-Consumer

Medium: Exceptional Inconsistency on Tech: App Stores and the INFORM Act