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Lawmakers Fall Short Of Cybersecurity Awareness Month Promise

By Dan Savickas

This piece was originally published by Issues & Insights on October 11, 2022.

October is many things. It’s the month where the weather begins to get decidedly colder. Autumn is in the air and Halloween looms right around the corner. However, most might not know that October is also Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In 2004, then-President Bush – along with Congress – dedicated the month of October to “helping individuals protect themselves online as threats to technology and confidential data become more commonplace.”

Eighteen years later, those threats have become even more sophisticated and everyday Americans and lawmakers alike are finding ways to address them.

Unfortunately, some of the cybersecurity threats over the horizon are not originating necessarily from foreign adversaries, but instead from ill-advised legislative proposals. Bills ranging from the halls of Congress to state houses across the nation provide broad mandates that will inevitably inhibit the ability of contemporary tech companies to rise to meet the challenges that face them in an increasingly digital world.

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Published on October 11, 2022