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Panel Discussion: Competition & Security in the App Economy

by Taxpayers Protection Alliance

Bipartisan legislation introduced in both chambers of Congress now threatens the ease of use and the security offered by the devices we rely on most. What would be the outcome for everyday users if these proposals passed into law? How can we ensure the development of sound policy that protects competition in the digital economy, without sacrificing our privacy and security? How can we continue to build out cybersecurity defenses without stripping our devices of our favorite features?

A panel of policy experts evaluates existing competition proposals’ implications for consumers’ experience, privacy and security, and makes predictions for the future of our devices. Taxpayers Protection Alliance Foundation’s Patrick Hedger will moderate a discussion featuring Shane Tews, Nonresident Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute; Jeff Westling, Director of Technology and Innovation Policy at the American Action Forum; and Michael Mandel, Vice President and Chief Economist at the Progressive Policy Institute.

Published on November 29, 2021

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